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Some current popular tv shows that French teen girls like to watch include the Gossip Girl episodes (the older ones) and Glee (second season). Pretty Little Liars (first season) in French is popular as well and it is called “Les Menteuses”, which means “the Liars”. Teens also enjoy watching the show One Tree Hill (Les freres Scott).

Favorite shows that the teenagers (guys and girls) are original French Quebecian ones including Mixmania 2. This is similar to American idol and several teens share a place and get to do things together such as meet celebrities of Quebec, do song recordings, learn choreographies, and much more.

Another popular show is Fan Club which gives fans a chance to meet an interview celebrities and athletes. It’s a hilarious show with much interactivity as teenagers get to do crazy thing such as make disgusting meals or crazy tricks and schemes then the celebrities must do what the teens subject them to or they will suffer the consequences. What a fun show when the fans can make the stars do as they wish.

Mourire De Rire (English translation: Dying of Laughter) lets the host bring the audience on stage and the selected guests are subjected to comedians. These hilarious comedians try to make the studio audience’s participants laugh and those who manage to keep a straight face win a prize.

Young adults like to laugh and so there is much comedy in the tv shows that they watch. VRAK la vie puts high school kids in hilarious situations.

Then there’s Une Grenade avec ca? (English: Fries with That?) This is about teens and their jobs at fast food places. II etait un fois dans le trouble is about the daily work life of people who work for a boss who is obsessed with money. The employees get into much dilema as they have to solve work-related issues. This is quite a funny viewing.

Learning about things is another interesting topic and young people like to what a new show called Les Testeurs where things are tested to see what the results will be. An example is trying to figure out which foods will stop the spiciness of hot peppers after you’ve bit into them and your tongue is on fire. How to redo and redecorate your bedroom is quite entertaining and educational in the show Mechants Changements

Tweenagers, or tweens, like popular/pop culture shows from Disney such as Suite Life on Deck (‘La vie de croisière de Zack et Cody’),Sonny With A Chance (‘Sonny’), Phineas and Ferb (‘Phinéas et Ferb’), Good Luck Charlie (‘Bonne Chance Charlie’), Wizards of Waverly Place  (‘Les sorciers de Waverly Place’), Hannah Montanna, and those popular shows that most kids this age love.

Here at we know that teens and tweens love to watch tv and movies so we offer news and updates on the what’s going on In the entertainment industry. We also have movies and films for teens, tweens and the entire family.

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Russell Crowe

Having been claimed as an Australian, Crowe was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia as a child, having been raised by parents who were movie set caterers. Australian television saw Russell become a child star early on, inspiring his acting career and leading to two films that launched his career, Romper Stomper being the first. This film elevated his name in the Australian and neighbouring country film community.

Geoffrey Rush

Born in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia on July 6th, 1951, Geoffrey Rush, raised by an accountant father and sales clerk mother, spent his early life in Brisbane before being educated at Everton Park State High School, after his parents separated. Having an interest in the theatre from a young age, Rush debuted on the stage in 1971 as a 20 year old with a role in the Queensland Theatre Company’s production of “Wrong Side of the Moon”. Rush went onto to become the first Australian-born actor to win an Oscar for Best Actor in 1996 with his role in the film “Shine”. This accolade saw his breakthrough into the Hollywood scene, with 9 films being released between 2001 and 2003 and then gaining the infamous role of Captain Barbossa in the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Hugo Weaving

Weaving was the second born of three children in Nigeria on April 4th, 1960 as Hugo Wallace Weaving. His siblings, Simon, older and Anna younger still work and live in Australia. Travelling between Nigeria and Great Britain regularly, Weaving was constantly on the move during his childhood.

Cate Blanchett

Born in Australia on May 14th, 1969, Cath Blanchett was the second child of three with an Australian mother and American father. Her grandmother moved into the family home to assist her mother after at age 40, Blanchetts father died suddenly from a heart attack.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger, born on 4th April, 1979 was labeled with the heart-throb tag as a young 20 year old in 1999. Fighting public opinion that he did not have much depth as an actor, Ledger spent much of his focus on trying to change this image. Having scored some lead roles in films such as “The Patriot” (2000)  and “Brokeback Mountain” (2005), Ledger tragically overdosed in 2008 after having completed filming cast as the Joker in the film, “The Dark Knight”. Ledger went on to win an  Academy Award for The Best Supporting Actor in that film.

Eric Bana

Born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on August 9th, 1968, Bana was raised by his Croatian father Ivan, Manager for Caterpillar Inc and his German hairdresser mother, Eleanor and was the second child, having an older brother. Born as Eric Banadinovich, he began his career as a comedian in an Australian sketch comedy series before gaining his first big Australian film role in 2000, cast as Mark “Chopper” Read, in the film of the same name “Chopper” about a glorified underworld criminal who published a book of his life whilst serving a jail sentence in one of Australia’s toughest prisons. This film launched Bana’s acting career, and saw him go onto leading roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Troy (2004) and the Steven Spielberg directed Munich (2005).

We like to keep you posted on the best actors and actresses around the world because we know you like to be in the know with what’s going on in movies. Much talent has come out of Aussie so be sure to check back as we bring you more news, updates, and info.

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 – Don Knotts

America’s deputy was discovered in 1961 and was the proud resident of Mayberry, North Carolina. He will always be remembered as a funny but serious helpmate to Sheriff Andy Taylor. Don Knotts was born in poverty in West Virginia in a difficult time of American History namely the Great Depression.

Barney in the Andy Griffith Show, played by Knotts was know won over America with his on screen ego and humble, honorable personality that is still loved by first time viewers today some 45 years later. Barney was the perfect helpmate for Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) as Mayberry was safe as long as Barney Fife was on the job. The two had a chemistry that helped produce a show that has never been matched since it was introduced and will always cause people to stop just to catch a glimpse of America’s Deputy and his humor will never be forgotten.

Classic and comedy that is Don Knotts. We applaud an amazing actor and human. It is our hope that many of our new actors and actresses can get their break and make a change in entertainment and the world.

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Andy Griffith was a tv actor from America who was also a producer. He was born on June 1, 1926 and he recently passed on July 3, 2102. He was also a singer and songwriter who won a Grammy Award and he loved singing southern gospel. His best know roles were television series The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock. He was probably one of the best role models in the industry. Many looked up to him for his morals and values. He will never be forgotten.

At we want to highlight all the great stars who have been amazing throughout their careers and who have been excellent role models. We offer movies that are suitable for the entire family with popular actors and new actors who deliver morals and values as well as provide entertainment for all ages.

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Ginger Rogers – July 16th 1911 to April 25th, 1995

Ginger Rogers was born Virginia Katherine McMath in Independence, Missouri on July 16, 1911. Her mother, known as Lelee, went to Independence to have Ginger, away from her husband. She had a baby earlier in their marriage and he allowed the doctor to use forceps and the baby died. Ginger was kidnapped by her father several times, until her mother took him to court. As an actress and trained dancer, Ginger was often the beautiful on-screen partner of the very talented dancer, Fred Astaire. Ginger is best known for her roles in: “Top Hat”, “Swing Time”, “Kitty Foyle”, and “Shall We Dance”.

Doris Day – April 3rd, 1924 –

One of America’s most prolific actresses was born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her parents divorced when she was a child, and she lived with her mother. Like most little girls, Doris liked to dance. She aspired to become a professional ballerina, but an automobile accident that crushed a leg ended whatever hopes she had of dancing on stage, but because of her charisma and bubbly personality, she would become Doris Day, one of America’s sweethearts. Doris is best known for here roles in: “The Doris Day Show”, “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, “Pillow Talk”, and “Calamity Jane”.

Lucille Ball – August 6th, 1911 to April 26th, 1989

Remembered as a dizzy sitcom redhead with show business aspirations, Lucille Ball was, in fact, a show business powerhouse and television pioneer. Throughout her teen years, Ball tried, unsuccessfully, to launch her show business career, finally landing a spot as a “Ziegfeld Girl”. She made it in Hollywood as one of the “Goldwyn Girls”, and later went on to star in the hit television show “I Love Lucy” with, then, husband, Desi Arnaz. Lucille is best known for her roles in: “The Lucy Show”, “Here’s Lucy”, “Yours, Mine and Ours”, and “The Long, Long Trailer”.

Debbie Reynolds –  April 1st, 1932 –

Debbie Reynolds’ film career began at MGM after she won a beauty contest at the age of 16, when she impersonated Betty Hutton. Most of her film work has been in MGM musicals, as a perky, wholesome young woman. Today, she still continues to use her dancing skills with stage work. Nearly all of the money she makes is spent toward her goal of creating a Hollywood museum. Debbie is best known for here roles in: “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Charlotte’s Web”, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, and “Rugrats”.

Judy Garland – June 10th, 1922 to June 22nd, 1969

One of the brightest, most tragic movie stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era, Judy Garland was a much-loved character whose warmth and spirit, along with her rich and exuberant voice, kept theatre-goers entertained with an array of delightful musicals. She was born Frances Ethel Gumm on June 10th, 1922 in Minnesota. Her career spanned several years, with her greatest role being Dorothy Gale in “The Wizard of Oz”, but she was also an incredible dancer and singer, as well. Judy is best known for her roles in: “The Wizard of Oz”, “Meet Me in St. Louis”, “A Star is Born”, and “Easter Parade”.



Audrey Hepburn – May 4th, 1929 to January 20th, 1993

Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4th, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. She really was blue-blood, as her father was a wealthy English banker, and her mother was a Dutch baroness. After her parents divorced, Audrey went to London with her mother, where she went to a private girls school. Later, when her mother moved back to the Netherlands, she attended private schools, as well. Her career was as bright as her charming personality and her role of Holly Golightly made her a star. Audrey is best know for her roles in: “Breakfast at Tiffany”, “My Fair Lady”, “Roman Holiday”, and “Sabrina”.

Julie Andrews – October 1st, 1935 –

Julie Andrews made her debut on Broadway in 1954 at the age of 19. Later, she worked in television, until 1964, when her first successful movie as a protagonist was released: It was “Mary Poppins”, for which she won an Oscar. In the years that followed, she worked with different directors in various genres, mainly using her singing talents. Not only that, but Andrews is also a published author of  the children’s best-seller Mandy. Julie is best known for her roles in: “The Sound of Music”, “Mary Poppins”, “The Princess Diaries”, and “Shrek 2”.

Deborah Kerr – September 30th, 1921 to October 16th, 2007

Deborah Kerr was born on September 30th,1921 in Helensburgh, Scotland, as the daughter of Captain Arthur Kerr-Trimmer. She was educated at Northumberland House, Clifton, Bristol. She first performed at the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park, London. She later performed with the Oxford Repertory Company from 1939 to 1940 and her first appearance on the West End stage was as Ellie Dunn in “Heartbreak House” at the Cambridge Theatre in 1943. Deborah is best know for her roles in: “The King and I”, “From Here to Eternity”, “An Affair to Remember”, and “The Innocents”.

Ava Gardner – December 24th, 1922 to January 25th, 1990

Born on a tobacco farm, where she got her lifelong love of earthy language and going barefoot, Ava grew up in the rural South. At the age of 18, her picture in the window of her brother-in- law’s New York photo studio brought her to the attention of MGM, leading quickly to Hollywood, and a film contract, based entirely on her beauty. It was lucky for MGM that she had acting talent behind her beautiful face. Ava is best known for her roles in: “The Killers”, “On the Beach”, “The Night of the Iguana”, and “Earthquake”.

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Clint Eastwood is probably the most iconic “macho man” in Hollywood. He is the epitome of the tough-guy persona, and the fans and critics love him. He was born in San Francisco to Clinton Eastwood, Sr. and Ruth Wood. The family moved around Northern California quiet often while Clint was growing up, until they finally moved to Oregon. In 1951, Clint moved to Seattle and got a job as a lifeguard and swim instructor for the military before he made his permanent move to California.

In 1955, Clint got several uncredited roles in B-movies and nearly gave up acting until he got a role in the popular TV series “Rawhide”. He played a supporting role for 6 years on the show, and soon was cast in the lead role of “The Man with No Name” in a low-budget film entitled “A Fistful of Dollars”. When that film turned out to be a hit, he was cast in the sequel “For a Few Dollars More”, and then “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. These films did not get released in the United States until 1968, as they were Italian-made films. In 1968, Clint was cast in yet another western film called “Hang ‘Em High”. The next year, he changed genres a bit and starred in a musical western called “Paint Your Wagon”. In 1970, he tried his hand at comedy and starred in “Kelly’s Heroes” and “Two Mules for Sister Sara”.

The early 1970s, specifically 1971, seemed to be the year of Eastwood. He starred in 3 major films that catapulted his career and made him a household name. His first film in ’71 was “The Beguiled”, where he played a wounded soldier who finds himself at an all-girls boarding school. His next film, which he directed, was “Play Misty for Me”, was a thriller about sexual obsession. His 3rd, and probably most famous, role was that of “Dirty Harry”, about a cop with an attitude. Even today, other films have used the famous line, “Do you feel lucky, punk”. Since 1971, Eastwood’s career has skyrocketed and he continued to make high-quality films. In 1974, he starred with Jeff Bridges in “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”, then the “Dirty Harry” sequels, “Magnum Force” and “The Enforcer”. In 1973, he starred in other western films, “High Plains Drifter” and “The Outlaw Josey Wales”. In the late 1970s, Eastwood began making more action films, beginning with “The Gauntlet”, then a comedy/adventure with “Every Which Way But Loose” in 1978. In 1979, he went back to thrillers and starred in the factual thriller “Escape from Alcatraz”.

Eastwood began the 1980s with sequels to his most popular films, starting with “Any Which Way You Can”, the hit sequel to “Every Which Way but Loose”, and then, in 1983, he made the 4th sequel to his “Dirty Harry” films, called, “Sudden Impact”, which made the most money of all of the films in the series. His career was on fire with films like “Firefox”, “Tightrope”, “Pale Rider”, and “Heartbreak Ridge”, all of which were blockbuster hits and got fantastic reviews. His 5th, and final sequel to “Dirty Harry”, “The Dead Pool”, was not as big of a hit as expected, but it didn’t stop Clint from continuing with a monumentally successful career. He did, however, have a couple of bombs with “Pink Cadillac” and “The Rookie”, but it didn’t stop him from being one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.

Eastwood bounced back with huge hits like “Unforgiven”, which gave him his first Oscar nominations as Best Actor, and a win for Best Director and producer in the Best Picture category. Next, he took on the role of a secret service agent in “In the Line of Fire”, which turned out to be another major hit. “The Bridges of Madison County”, where he played opposite Meryl Streep, was a surprise hit and critics said it was his best performance to date. His next 2 films, “Absolute Power”, “Space Cowboys” turned out to be hits, as well. However, his next 2, “True Crime” and “Blood Work” did not do as well.

What some say is his finest film, one in which he directed, “Million Dollar Baby”, with Hillary Swank, received an Academy Award for Best Picture and gave Eastwood a second nomination for Best Actor and the Best Director win. It seemed his career was getting back on track, especially when “Gran Torino” was released in 2009, which made more than $30 million on its opening weekend. It also made Eastwood the oldest leading man to reach #1 at the box office.

As an edgy icon in films for 40 years, Eastwood has proven he is the longest-running film star in Hollywood. He now focuses mainly on directing, and continues to make hit films in “Mystic River”, “Flags of Our Fathers”, “Letters from Iwo Jima”, and “Changeling”, which starred Angelina Jolie.

Eastwood is rarely in the tabloids and keeps his private life private. He was in a 14 year relationship with Sondra Locke and has 7 children with 5 other women. Currently, he is married to Dia Eastwood. They have been married since 1996 and they have 1 child together.

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ireel – Women Do It Better

When it comes to playing the game of dating, women do it better. Men may be sweet talkers, but women have the curves, the smiles and the right expressions to make men forget who they are, and who they’re with. The dating game has been played for hundreds of years. Men think they have cornered the market, but when they aren’t prepared, and just when they think they have women figured out, women change the game. “Women Do It Better” is the story of how the game is played and which sex has the best techniques.

“Women Do It Better” is written and directed by Derrek Simmons. The co-writer is Keith T. Davis.

Derrek Simmons is the star of “Women Do It Better”. His career in acting began at the age of 10. He attended Harbor JHS of Performing Arts in Harlem, New York. He, then, attended Talent Unlimited, where he majored in drama. An agent saw him in a showcase and sent him out on his first audition. He was booked opposite Stacey Dash in a national Burger King commercial. Years later, as an actor who wanted to do his own action scenes, Derrick inspired to become a stuntman. His love and passion for acting has continued to grow over the years. Derrick Simmons is well-respected and well-known in the acting and stunt community. His performance as Billie Keane on HBO’s gritty prison drama “OZ” was a strong statement of his undeniable talent. Derrek has been working steadily since 1988, with his first on-screen appearance doing stunts on an episode of “One Life to Live”. Since then, he has gone on to act in both films and on television, with roles in: “The Sopranos”, “Little Nicky”, “Ray”, “All My Children”, “Law & Order: SVU”, “30 Rock”, and “Rescue Me”. He is probably best known for his stunt work in: “Requiem for a Dream”, “American Gangster”, “Dogma”, and “Inside Man”.

Keith T. Davis produced the TV series “The Muzic Lounge” in 2011, was the writer and acted in the films “Jump Offs” and “Women Do It Better”. He has been working full-time in entertainment since 2007.

“Women Do It Better” stars: Gano Grills, Dionne Lockette and Danny Aiello III.

Gano Grills is from Staten Island, New York. He is the creator of the Wu Tang Clan logo and in the film “Bomb the System”, he displayed his talents as a graffiti artist. His roles include Blood gang members in films like “Hannibal”, “Shaft”, “Ghost Dog”, “In Too Deep”, “Oz”, and “Bamboozled”, but he is trying to distance himself from the gang stereotype. Gano portrayed himself in the film “State Your Name”, a film about New York City graffiti. Gano has been working in films since 1995 where he portrayed Troy in the TV series “New York Undercover”. He has gone on to appear in films and television such as: “Now and Again”, “Third Watch”, “Shaft”, “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, and “30 Rock”. Gano, however, is best known for his roles in: “Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai”, “Cadillac Records” and “Hannibal”.

Dionne Lockette has not been acting very long, but her talents will certainly take her places. She has appeared in two films since 2009, including: “Women Do It Better” and “Blue Caprice” which is currently in post-production.

Danny Aiello III was born on January 27th, 1957 and, sadly, passed away on May 1st, 2012 of pancreatic cancer. He was the son of acclaimed actor, Danny Aiello. Danny was an accomplished producer and director with 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry. During his illustrious career, he received acclaim as one of New York’s finest new filmmakers. He produced and directed: “18 Shades of Dust” in 2001, which was nominated at the London Film Festival; the CBS television series “Dellaventura”. It was nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Best New Dramatic Series. He also directed episodes of the Paramount television series’ “The Untouchables” and “The Watcher”, as well as being 2nd Unit Director for both series.

Aiello’s resume includes over three hundred films and television shows including “Rescue Me”, Stateside”, and “21 Grams”, as stuntman, stunt coordinator, and second unit director. His experience and relationships with the New York unions has been invaluable in past productions. During his career, he served on the Screen Actor’s Guild of America Stunt and Safety Committee and participated in the negotiations for the 2005 AFTRA contract negotiations. He was also President of Reinvented Films, Inc., a film and television production and development company, as well as the President of CMG Talent, Inc. He will be remembered for his roles in: “One Life to Live”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Catch Me if You Can”, and “Die Hard: With a Vengeance”.

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These men have stood the test the time in Hollywood. Some have left us, others are still going strong, and all of them have made their mark.

John Candy

John Candy was one of Canada’s greatest, and funniest, character actors. His well-known roles as the big hearted clown earned him his reputation in classics like “Uncle Buck” and “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”. He had some dry spells during his career, but he always found his way back. John was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1950 and found his love for acting while in community college. Sadly, he passed away in 1994. John is famous for his roles in: “SCTV”, “SCTV Network”, “Spaceballs”, and “Uncle Buck”.

John Wayne

John Wayne was born Marion Morrison as the son of pharmacist, Clyde Morrison, and his wife Mary. Clyde developed a lung condition that required him to move his family from Iowa to the warmer climate of southern California, where they tried ranching in the Mojave Desert. Until the ranch failed, Marion and his younger brother, Robert, swam in an irrigation ditch and rode a horse to school. John is famous for his roles in: “The Searchers”, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, “Rio Bravo”, and “True Grit” (1969).

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro is considered one of the greatest actors of his time. He was born in New York City in 1943 to two artists. Robert was trained at the Stella Adler Conservatory and the American Workshop. He became famous for his role in “Bang the Drum Slowly”, but he gained his reputation as a volatile actor in “Mean Streets”. Robert is famous for his roles in: “Goodfellas”, “The Godfather: Part II”, “Casino”, and “Heat”

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Film and stage actor, and theater director, Philip Seymour Hoffman, was born in the Fairport, New York, on July 23rd, 1967. Once he became involved in his high school theater, he was hooked. He attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and graduated with a B.F.A. degree in Drama in 1989. He made his feature film debut in the indie production “Triple Bogey on a Par Five Hole”. Philip is famous for his roles in: “The Big Lebowski”, “Moneyball”, “Mission: Impossible III”, and “Magnolia”.

Robin Williams

Williams studied political science in college before he enrolled at Juilliard to study theatre. When he left Juilliard, he began performing in night clubs doing stand-up comedy. It was in these clubs that  he was discovered for the role of Mork on an episode of “Happy Days”, which turned into the popular spin-off “Mork & Mindy”. Robin’s uses a lot of improv in his stand-up and in his films, which makes him one of the funniest men in Hollywood today. Robin is famous for his roles in: “Good Will Hunting”, “Dead Poet’s Society”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and “Aladdin”.

Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi was born in Brooklyn, New York, and became interested in acting during his senior  year of high school. After graduation, he moved to Manhattan to study acting with John Strasberg. Steve started writing and performing original theatre productions with fellow actor and writer, Mark Boone Junior. This led to his first lead role in “Parting Glances”. Steve is famous for his roles in: “Fargo”, “The Big Lebowski”, “Reservoir Dogs”, and “Monsters, Inc.”.

Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken is a skilled stage & screen actor with a somewhat nervous disposition. He has a reputation for playing mentally unbalanced characters on-screen, however that idea would not do justice to Walken’s depth and dimension of his performances. He learned his stage craft, including dancing, at Hofstra University & ANTA, and picked up a Theatre World award for his performance in the revival of the Tennessee Williams play “The Rose Tattoo”. Christopher is famous for his roles in: “Catch Me  if You Can”, “Wedding Crashers”, “Batman Returns”, and “The Deer Hunter”.

James Garner

James Garner is a likeable and handsome icon who has gained success in both films and on television, where he often playing variations of the charming anti-hero/con-man persona he  developed in “Maverick”, the offbeat western TV series that shot him to stardom in the late 1950s. On the big screen, Garner made his film debut in “Toward the Unknown”. James is famous for his roles in: “The Rockford Files”, “The Notebook”, “The Great Escape”, and “Maverick”.

James Whitmore

James Whitmore was born on October 1st, 1921, in White Plains, New York. He was a veteran character actor and was well regarded in his early years for his award-winning dramatic capabilities on Broadway and in films. Later, he conquered TV with the same results. He was the son of James Allen Whitmore and Florence Crane. James is famous for his roles in: “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Planet of the Apes” (1968), “Them!”, and “Tora! Tora! Tora!”.

Tell us which male actors are your favorites, let’s start a conversation in the comments.

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Nick (Hayes Hargrove) suddenly appears in his apartment. Not sure how he ended up at home, he is confused and disoriented. He discovers he can’t move anything, not his furniture or anything on his shelves, nothing. He can’t open the medicine cabinet, he can’t pick up a bottle of water, he can’t even feed his fish! Nick is a naturally nervous person, so this situation causes him to panic. Suddenly, a British glam-rock band bursts through the front door. The band tells Nick he’s dead, and he’s stuck in his apartment. To escape, he has to learn all of the valuable life lessons he ignored while he was alive. Then, he will be judged by God and sent either to Heaven or Hell, which is a terrifying concept for an atheist. With the rock band serving as his modern-day Greek chorus, Nick must rely on Rex (Matthew Jure), the hot-headed, half-drunken lead singer as his spiritual guide to avoid the fiery pits of Hell. Further complicating matters is the new tenant, Beth (Carey Peters). An evangelical Christian who is unaware that Nick and the other spirits are sharing the apartment with her, Beth is undergoing a harrowing transformation of her own. She has just left her husband. She has no job. And her last friend, her  church, may not want her back. Nick’s most immediate concern is avoiding an afterlife of fiery damnation. His lessons, both agonizing and hilarious, force him to face his past (his life) and attempt to be a more humane human. Rex, no is angel himself, and must come to terms with his own issues and sordid demise. And Beth unknowing proves to Nick that things are not always as they seem. This funny and silly comedy will have you laughing and wondering what actually does lie on the other side.

“Starlight & Superfish” is directed by Steve Kopera and written by Rob Hess.

Aside from directing, Steve Kopera has also starred in 3 films, including the video short “Cherry”, “How Clarence Became Truly Normal” and “Starlight & Superfish”. Under his direction, 6 films have been made. Those films are the short video “Cherry”, the independent film “Solitude”, “How Clarence Became Truly Normal”, “Starlight & Superfish”, the short “My Friend Peter”, and the short “Fiddler Audition”. Along with acting and directing, Steve is also a producer, editor, writer, and cinematographer.

Rob Hess has worked with Steve Kopera with several films, including being the screenwriter for the short video “Cherry”, “How Clarence Became Truly Normal” and “Starlight & Superfish”. He is also an actor. His acting credits include: “Cherry”, “Solitude”, “How Clarence Became Truly Normal”, “Beyond the Pale”, and “Starlight & Superfish”. His experience in entertainment encompasses not only writing and acting, but also work as a producer, editor, cinematographer, and director.

“Starlight & Superfish” stars: Hayes Hargrove, Matthew Jure and Carey Peters.

Hayes Hargrove is the ex-husband of Kristin Wiig. He has produced, been involved in casting, has been a music consultant, and acted in a number of films. He was first seen on TV in 2006 where he played an Olympic Bobsledder on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”. Since then, he has been in 6 films and on 3 different TV shows, including: “Burn Notice”, “State of Georgia” and “Conan”. His film credits include: “Beyond the Pale”, “Fingers”, “High Maintenance”, “Take My Wife”, “Starlight & Superfish”, and “Art House”.

Matthew Jure is a Canadian-British actor and musician who grew up on the south coast of England. After starting out in theatre, he moved into music and radio before returning to acting, first on stage and then in films. His critically acclaimed roles have included the amnesiac man in the art house film “Undertow”, the obsessive-destructive mathematician Septimus Hodge in Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” and the title role in “Macbeth”. Matthew has been nominated for 5 awards and has won 3. Matthew is known for his roles in: “A Man in the Crowd”, “The Killers”, “Starlight & Superfish”, and the TV series “Waking the Dead”.

Carey Peters began acting in 1999. Her first role was that of an accident victim on an episode of the hit TV series “ER”. She has had six other roles in both film and on television, including: “Mr. Id”, “Lawrence Melm”, “How Clarence Became Truly Normal”, “Beyond the Pale”, “Starlight & Superfish”, and the TV show “In Gayle We Trust”.

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A mother stands in for her daughter, a runaway bride, and marries the groom by proxy, and the two of them set out to try to convince her daughter to reconsider. Later, they mistake the missing bride and her companion for 2 escaped convicts and pursue them with a sex obsessed teenage boy in tow. All paths cross at a remote motel run by a jilted church deacon. “Chasing Butterflies” is an hilarious look at the mayhem that ensues when you run out on your wedding. The possibilities of disaster are endless, as is proof in this comical tale of life, love and the pursuit of the runaway bride.

IMDb movie reviews had this to say about “Chasing Butterflies”: “Nice scenery. Looks like it was filmed over a very short time frame.” and “Matt Loney was the stand out. I was surprised given his performance that he has not worked more. He reminds me of a cross between Phil Hartman and Alan Thicke.”

“Chasing Butterflies” was written and directed by Rod Bingaman. Rod began his career in the industry as an editor in 1994 with the film “Where Angels Dance”. He then went on to directing in 2000 with “A Holiday Affair”, “Hooray for Mr. Touchdown” and “Chasing Butterflies”. He has only acted in one film “Hard to Get” in 2005. Most of his work has been behind the scenes as director, editor, writer, and several other production jobs. Some of the other films to his credit are: “Of Poles and Poultry”, “Public Interest”, “Land of Confusion”, “Pitstop”, “Seaside Murders”, “Jane Street”, and “The Uprising of ’34”.

“Chasing Butterflies” stars: Amy Brienes, Maria Cellario, Gabriel Vaughn, and Richard Brundage.

Amy Brienes began her career in 2000. Since then, she has appeared in 6 films, including: “A Holiday Affair”, “Hooray for Mr. Touchdown”, “You Are Alone”, “Á Colombia”, the short film “Puzzled”, and “Chasing Butterflies”.

Maria Cellario was born on June 19th, 1948 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maria started acting in 1970 as an uncredited pretty girl in a laundromat in “Pigeons”. From there, she appeared in: “Without a Trace” as a reporter, “Children of a Lesser God” as Glen’s mother, the TV series “Silk Stalkings” as Paula Gitano, the TV series “ER” as Mrs. Baba, “NYPD Blue” as a defense attorney, several episodes of “Law & Order”, and “Now and Again” as a real estate instructor. Maria is probably best known for her roles in “Fools Rush In”, “Chasing Butterflies” and “A Secret Promise”.

Gabriel Vaughn was born on April 17th, 1978 in Amherst, Massachusetts. He has been acting professionally since 2003 in “Mona Lisa Smile”, then went on to appear in 4 other films, including the short film “Master of the Kennel” where he portrayed Tom Durrett; as a news anchor in “Public Interest”; as David Shears in “Chasing Butterflies”, and as Eddie in the short film “Dear Edward”.

Richard Brundage: New York actor, Richard Brundage, was born in Seattle and grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia, as well as exotic La Spezia, Italy. Before deciding to become an actor, Richard had several “careers”, including a librarian, a semi-professional French hornist, a high-school math teacher, and a classical music engraver and editor. At 39, out of the blue, he signed up for a couple of acting classes at HB Studio in Manhattan. In two years, he was acting full-time. In addition to a very busy stage career, he has played leading roles in several indie features, including Lena Dunham’s “Creative Nonfiction,” Gorman Bechard’s “You Are Alone” and Winn Coslick’s “Fourhand”. He now has 43 titles on his acting resume, many of which are shorts or indie films. In 2004, Richard made his first appearance on film in the short “Fort Dracula”, where he played Renfield. In 2007, he played Mark Wellington in the TV movie “The Hacking Chronicles”. He is best known for his roles in: “Sex and Justice”, “Feline Frenzy”, “A Dangerous Place”, and “Chasing Butterflies”.

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